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Regional Events

Alongside the Global Pro Bono Summit, regional events are also organized by Network members. These events tend to have a different structure for providing learning and the exchange of experiences. Members and corporate partners can participate with a greater amount of people due to the regional accessibility, also attracting those not able to attend the Global Summit. Regional Summits often reflect the specialties of specific regions, and may align with other events, which in any case creates a shared meeting space for people and organizations that value pro bono.

The program of these events are largely shaped by the hosts, also helping local intermediary organizations to gain visibility and involve corporate partners, who could be further motivated by the appearance of international participants and members of the Network. They present a good opportunity for local organizations and corporate attendees to learn directly from experienced members. Also working as an effective accelerator for the hosting organization, while being a great way to learn of the special practices and characteristics of pro bono projects.

Regional events take place every year within the different countries of a continent, currently within the Asia-Pacific, European, North American and Latin American regions. U.S. is the only nation with its own Summit organized by Taproot Foundation. Other than Regional Summits, there are also country-specific events organized such as the Pro Bono Conference in Russia during 2017.



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