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Membership Guide

We are always looking for organizations that are interested in joining our network, and welcome the application of intermediary organizations whose main focus is managing pro bono projects, or from those specialized in coordinating various pro bono models.

In this guide you can:

  • Learn about the benefits of membership
  • Check on the application requirements
  • Review the five-step application process
  • Find answers to common questions

Membership Benefits

We are a global network of intermediary organizations who manage pro bono programs for clients.

Our members share the understanding that pro bono is an innovative way for making a strong impact on problem solving within many areas of civil society.

Members are expected to contribute to the pro bono movement and assist each other in improving their service delivery of pro bono programs. There are also opportunities for members to learn about diverse pro bono models, act collaboratively towards promoting the movement, and work together on delivering projects, among many other possibilities.

Other membership benefits include:

  • Invitations to attend the Global Summit and Regional Events
  • Potential for collaboration on projects and initiatives led by the Network
  • Access to the Networks membership directory
  • Usage of the Networks logo and corresponding affiliations

Membership Criteria and Terms

As a network of quality pro bono service providers, the Network sets a criteria for membership.

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Pro bono must be the (or one of the) current and future primary initiatives of the organization with dedicated staff working on programs specifically related to pro bono services.
  • Demonstrate pro bono services with multiple professions.
  • Organizations must demonstrate their work in helping to build the pro bono ethic within communities, such as articles, campaigns, marathons, pro bono awareness events or activities, etc. – for societal benefit.
  • There is currently no cost for membership.
  • The period of membership is two years, by the end of which the managing body of the Network – the Board, reviews the organization and by a majority vote decides on membership renewal.

Membership Application Process

If you are interested in joining, and meet the criteria, please start on the following application process:

Please complete the online application form available here

Be interviewed by GBPN Board / Membership committee / Executive Team

At least one member of the Board, a Network member and/or a member of Executive Team should participate in the interview.

Application and interview notes reviewed by the Board

After the interview, the interview team sends the Board notes and their recommendation for approval or rejection. A majority vote is then required for the application to move forward.

Formal welcome to the Network

On behalf of the Network, the Executive Team sends a welcome email to the organization with information and other materials.

Membership begins on the day the welcome email is sent

Please note the Network is operated on a pro bono basis by our members, so there may be a waiting period between sending the application and acceptance into the Network. We appreciate your patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend the Global Pro Bono Summit in order to be part of the Network?

Not necessarily, members may join the Network without attending the Global Summit, however members must make a strong effort to attend Regional Summits.

Who attends the Global Pro Bono Summit?

Network members with sufficient pro bono matching experience for contributing to Summit discussions, activities, and brainstorming sessions.

Each participating organization is represented by one staff member – a second member may attend with approval by written request. Countries with more than one member may be restricted in the number of representatives that can able to attend.

Members may recommend relevant business and government partners.

Observer status – as appropriate, organizations and/or qualified persons may be invited who show strong development potential in adopting pro bono, with approval from the Board.

How many member organizations can be admitted to represent a given nation?

Multiple organizations from a nation may join the Global Summit.

Is there a withdrawal provision?

Should an organization be considered not eligible for continued membership, an interview will be scheduled between the organization and the Board or the Executive Team to discuss continued involvement. The Board may then decide to end membership by a majority vote, and the organization is notified.