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Global Pro Bono Network was formed in 2013 by its founding partners, BMW Foundation – Herbert Quandt and Taproot Foundation. While growing over the years with the amount of member organizations increasing, the structure of the Network has been evolving.

Since the 5th Global Pro Bono Summit at Lisbon in 2017, our focus moved towards exploring the effectiveness of a decentralized model structure – using the term “Decentralized” to define the Networks general aim for all members organizations to contribute more actively.

The Global Council, as the representative of members, continues to be responsible for major decisions. Members also are encouraged to make proposals regarding areas such as strategy, activities, events and programs, for further developing our Network and the pro bono movement.

Currently, there is no incorporated legal entity of the Network, and this is one of the important topics on the table for future discussion.

If you would like to send us an inquiry, please go to our contact page to write a message and you will receive a response from a member of our staff relevant to your inquiry.

Global Council

The Global Council consists of eight member organizations who are elected by an all-member vote. It is practically the governing body of the Network, from which the main decisions relating to core activities are arranged, including the approval of strategic priorities, new membership qualification, budget allocation, promotional activities, Global Summit contents, and so on.

Global Council members are committed to deliver significant work towards further growing the Network and driving the movement forward. Council membership lasts for two years, during which there are usually 1-2 online meetings per month, and 1-2 in-person meetings per year.


Partners are essential elements of the Network, not only financially but also strategically as well. They are expected to provide advice about and insights into how pro bono programs could succeed and attain wider social impacts. We welcome Partners that are committed to leverage the potential of pro bono to bring about social change within societies and communities. All Partners are invited to attend the Partners’ Council, meeting at the same time as the Global Summit, where an active session reviews achievements and discusses future prospects on the agenda.


Intermediary organizations that mainly provide or specialize in pro bono co-ordination are welcome to join as members. Please refer to the How To Join page for further details about membership. We strongly recommended that all members attend the annual Global Pro Bono Summit, which is a landmark event for the Network, and also Regional Events which can offer a more regional focus on issues. Pro Bono Week, a yearly campaign for raising awareness, is another great opportunity where members can become involved.

Members are welcome to contact the Global Council or other members within the Network to make proposals, send feedback, express opinions etc. at any time.