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We have three main objectives, through which our activities and future plans can be summarized:


Since 2013, the annual Global Pro Bono Summit has been organized for pro bono service providers alongside our corporate and public sector partners, to convene and share best practices.

Regional Pro Bono Summits started in 2016, and are currently organized within the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and Latin America, which can also focus on areas relevant to each region.

To grow the Network further, a global recruitment team has been formed, and the joining process updated.

One of our first projects was to define Quality Indicators for assessing the success of pro bono activities. This is an ongoing project from which the results are shared among members and improved over time.

During 2018, we aim towards developing projects that provide members with further opportunities to network between themselves, and to collaborate more with corporate and public partners.

Through Joint Programming, members are able to offer partners the opportunity to implement multi-national programs, of which build upon the expertise of pro bono service providers globally.

A Partners Council is also planned for inviting corporate and public partners to participate in our work.


Pro Bono Week was started in 2013 as an annual celebration of pro bono activities world-wide, offering members an opportunity to organize events for raising awareness about pro bono and their work.

An Official Website was launched in 2016 to serve as an online platform for members and partners, also to further the Networks promotional and recruitment activities.

Scheduled ahead for 2018 is a Data Collection and Analysis research project which aims to complete a revised mapping of the Network, also various Thought Leadership activities, and the Pro Bono Awards.


Alongside our Connect and Mobilize objectives, we focus on providing members with a wide range of support services and resources that can equip them in making their pro bono activities more effective.

Future projects include a Training Academy for members to gain knowledge and expertise about pro bono methodologies, a Certification system to accredit member organizations, and also the implementation of a Quality Control system based on the peer evaluation of various programs. Centralizing Resources and Tools is another project planned to improve accessibility, also the establishment of a Technical Support service to assist members with specific issues related to their operations.