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How can pro bono benefit foundations?

Pro bono is the volunteering of professional services to social sector organizations that often do not have the resources available for accessing such expertise.

It is an area where foundations are able to play an integral role by their ability to support social sector organizations through direct funding, and the capacity building that pro bono brings.

Through the increase of capacity, grantees can then become better equipped to achieve their mission and social goals within the communities served. There is also the potential to make an effective use of funding by improving efficiencies and the social impacts gained, such as where pro bono services may offer a higher return on investment than conventional volunteering models.

Social sector organizations are known to confront many challenges in developing and sustaining their operations. Pro bono can be applied as a tool for strengthening their organizational structure and business models towards ensuring that grantees maintain stability over the longer term.

Collaborate with us

Our Network was formed in 2013 by its founding partners, BMW Foundation – Herbert Quandt and Taproot Foundation, with Network member organizations that specialize in the co-ordination of pro bono projects.

For foundations interested in discussing how they can support pro bono, please contact a regional member organization or us directly via our contact page.