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The Global Pro Bono Network

We support civic engagement that brings positive social impacts to communities globally. Our members are pro bono service providers, or “pro bono intermediaries”, who link together individuals volunteering their services with social sector organizations otherwise not able to access them.

Network members range from start-ups to mature organizations, all working to promote, provide and expand pro bono in their regions. This brings together a diversity of organizations which can then accelerate the sharing of best practices and lessons learned. Realizing that pro bono makes new connections between communities, we foster inter-cultural exchange and develop new models for civic engagement globally.

The Network was started in 2013 by its founding partners, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Taproot Foundation, who convened pro bono intermediaries for the first annual Global Pro Bono Summit and supported the network and its global and regional summits ever since. It is organized under the guidance of the Global Council, consisting of selected members of the network, whose role it is to coordinate the Network’s activities and projects.


“Pro bono publico” is a Latin phrase meaning “for the common good”. Pro bono, or skill-based volunteering refers to the voluntary engagement of people who share their skills for free or nearly free with individuals or organizations who cannot access these skills, or who pursue a social goal.

People can choose to support a non-profit organization or a person in need for example on their own free time, but some companies also offer their employees to participate in pro bono activities during their working time.



We seek to assist members with growth so they can become better equipped to drive the movement forward, creating further global change through local and regional activities.


Our mission is to promote knowledge sharing, mutual support and collaboration throughout the Network, acting as a catalyst for social impact through the capacity building of intermediary member organizations, and this in turn works towards social sector organizations further increasing their own capacity. Intermediaries aim to make pro bono more consistent and effective over the longer term, offering their supportive services to both providers and recipients during all stages of the engagements.

There are three main objectives, through which the Network enables its members to:


Connect Pro Bono

Meet and discuss at regional and Global Summit events, and connect by other means such as via online, to make plans for Joint Programming, increasing Membership, and maintaining Quality Control measures.


Mobilize Pro Bono

Organize the Network around various Thought Leadership opportunities, Awareness Initiatives such as Pro Bono Week, and the Analysis of Data Collection, to help effectively mobilize the pro bono movement.


Equip Pro Bono

Be provided with access to the Knowledge, Tools and Resources required in order to develop high quality and high impact pro bono services that can be applied to local, regional and global activities.


Please go to our Strategic Fields page for more information about our three main objectives.