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What happened at the last European Pro Bono Summit in Kyev?07/11/2019

This year, 4th European Pro Bono Summit was hosted by our members Pro Bono Club Ukraine in Kyiv. Previous European Regional Summits happened in France, Hungary and Spain gathering more that 350 people in total. 

Pro Bono is nascent in Ukraine and thanks to the Summit it was the first manifestation of pro bono movement in this country. In words of Olena Shershun, Manager of the Summit, “the idea behind the Summit was more than gather business and practitioners of skills-based volunteering. It was to showcase everything beyond a simple act of volunteering or support: benefits for the society, company in terms of ROI, and every individual”. 

With 100 participants, where 71% came from corporations, and 18 panelists from different countries in Europe, the Summit had the honour to count with Joerg Bauer as panelist, who gave a great speech about how pro bono really makes a difference in the corporate culture.  

We invite you to read the whole report of the Summit in this link and the pictures of the event here

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