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Powered by Pro Bono The Nonprofit’s Step-by-Step Guide to Scoping, Securing, Managing, and Scaling Pro Bono Resources

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Powered By Pro Bono Taproot Foundation
Aaron Hurst
Powered by Pro Bono
Publisher: Taproot Foundation
Publish Date: Sep 19, 2012
How to access the power and profitability of pro bono resources?

Savvy nonprofits use strategic management, marketing, technology, leadership to be competitive. With strapped budgets, many nonprofits cannot afford to pay for these resources.  However, businesses are an often overlooked as an effective source of skilled professionals who can supply the needed skills. This book shares the acclaimed Taproot Foundation?s pro bono best practices and shows nonprofit managers to apply them to their own unique challenges in a low-to-no-cost way.  The author offers keys to identifying opportunities for using pro bono sources, recruiting pro bono resources, and managing pro bono projects effectively.

  • Reveals how a nonprofit can partner with a global corporations to further their mission in an effective and low-cost manner
  • Aaron Hurst is the president and founder of the Taproot Foundation who pioneered a new field in community investment and continually breaks new ground through its signature, catalytic programs designed for the emerging global pro bono marketplace
  • Gives nonprofit managers and staff the keys to identifying opportunities for using pro bono resources