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Multi-National Pro Bono Program (MNP) (for GPBN members only)

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Tanja Siebert, András F. Tóth, Tatiana Heinz
Multi-National Pro Bono Program (MNP)
Publisher: AMAIDI, OKA, Pro Bono Lab
Publish Date: October 2018
Multi-National Pro Bono Program

What is MNP

The GPBN has 50+ members present in 30+ countries and is prepared to create and support Multinational Pro Bono Projects (MNP) that are performed by different branches of a global corporation – in close cooperation with GPBN member organisations simultaneously across several countries. These programs will have united goals and outputs even if local implementation can vary from country to country.

Such international programs can be ideal for multinational companies with headquarters in various countries and continents that want to deploy an integrated pro bono program framework.

If you have any comments or questions regarding these documents, please turn to the project team:

Tatiana Heinz Pro Bono Lab France András F. Tóth Volunteering Hungary

Tanja Siebert
AMAIDI International gGmbH

Tatiana Heinz
Global Partnerships Officer
Pro Bono Lab

András F. Tóth
Executive Director


For our GPBN members we have also developed some standardized procedures on on how to execute Multi-National Pro Bono Programs.
If you are a member and need the password to open the PDF download file linked below, please send an email to