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Toolbox India FoundationMumbai, India

Toolbox India Foundation works as a catalyst to provide probono strategic assistance to non-profit,
growth stage, mission driven organizations through its portfolio of highly skilled corporate
volunteers. Founded to serve as an intermediary platform Toolbox India Foundation is registered as
a not for profit organization under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956.ToolBox India’s major
focus draws upon mission enhancement, organisational development and social impact
Toolbox India leverages the skills and experience of Corporate Volunteers who come from a variety
of professional backgrounds, to consult and transform the performance of the NPOs that they work
with through the expertise and domain knowledge developed during the course of their work and
the functions they serve in Corporations .Over the last 8 years ToolBox India has been constantly
refining its practices to address challenges, and seeking to bridge the skills gap between the social
and corporate sectors and has altered the non-profit landscape in India—allowing social purpose
organizations to see the less tangible value of capacity building, to focus on developing management
systems, tools and processes through its flagship skilled volunteering programs .