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Thai Young Philanthropist NetworkBangkok, Thailand

Founded in 2008, TYPN is a community of over 2,700 young professionals committed to mobilize their expertise and resources in order to strengthen the civil society in Thailand. TYPN works with partner organizations across sectors to co-create an enabling ecosystem for change agents, pioneering innovative social-sector mechanism such as crowdfunding (, skill-based volunteering, social investment and venture philanthropy in Thailand. Our partners include the Prime Minister’s Office, Thai Social Enterprise Office, Ministry of Education, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, Khonthai Foundation, Mae Fah Luang Foundation, ChangeFusion Institute, etc.

TYPN has 2 full-time and 1 part-time staffs. Our programs have been initiated, managed and run by a group of 30 core team members who are in the executive positions of academic, public, private and social organizations. Since 2010, TYPN has placed over 500 skill-based professional and student volunteers to 80 projects with 50 social purpose organizations. The notable skill-based volunteering programs include:

Social Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, placing 200 experteers in pro bono consulting with 50 social startups in the past five years.

Global Impactor Network, placing 20 corporate volunteers to support business development of women-led community ventures in the 3 conflict-zone provinces in the Southern part of Thailand, in collaboration with Oxfam Thailand and Change Fusion Institute, and Brain Exchange Initiative (BEX) , endorsed by the Office of the Prime Minister in 2010, mobilizing graduate students from the world’s top academic institutions (participating universities include Harvard University, Columbia University, MIT and University of Cambridge) paired with undergraduate students from the leading location universities to work full-time on pro bono with leading social purpose organization during their Summer term; BEX was featured as the best practice in Social Entrepreneurship Internship at Ashoka U Exchange 2014.