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PhomentaCampinas, Brazil

Phomenta is a social business with a purpose to reverse the cycle of social inequality in Brazil. By driving resources to NPOs, we support organizations so they can create more opportunities, and altogether work towards a future of greater equality nationwide.

We focus on three main areas of activity: Certification, Pro Bono and Acceleration. Our Certification model for NPOs is based on global best practices, and can assess the requirements of organizations in terms of management and capital.

During collaborations, Pro Bono models are applied to an NPOs activities, while companies are assisted with developing their staff teams. We also organize marathons, mentoring, and the most complex program so far – Acceleration, which is designed for NPOs to reach maximum sustainability.

So far, 160 NPOs have been evaluated, bringing social impact to 10 regions of Brazil, and overall benefiting an estimated 20,000 people.