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Passerelles & CompétencesParis, France

P&C is the first association promoting skills-based volunteering in France. Now present in 17 cities and operating 500 missions per year for more than 1500 organizations, P&C is growing quickly. Its international development started in 2012 with Germany and Canada. P&C promotes individual skills-based volunteering for volunteers seeking opportunities outside of their full-time jobs.

Our mission is to identify all competencies needed by NGOs, to frame missions that can be realized by individuals with full time jobs (80% of our volunteers) and a family life (70%), to find the best volunteer, and to monitor the link between the volunteer and the NGO during the mission. This past year, P&C ran 500 skills-based volunteering missions, spreading enthusiasm to 5000 professional volunteers. P&C’s added value to the community has been evaluated at about 15 million Euros since 2002.