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Emerging WorldUnited Kingdom

Emerging World designs and delivers immersive pro bono experiences for leading corporations all over the world that change perspectives to shift business and shape a better future.  Central to our way of working is a learning by doing approach through which participants apply the skills and expertise they use in the corporate world to support purpose-driven organizations, NGO’s, small businesses and government agencies around the world Emerging World was founded 2004  from insights experienced by its founder during volunteering experiences in Mexico and India - that great shifts come from seeing things from different perspectives.  A decade and a half later, the company still has this purpose at its core.  We believe in working in close partnership with the organizations we work with to achieve maximum impact and are flexible to support our clients on specific aspects of their programming or complete journeys through from strategy development to program delivery and impact assessment. 

We have deep knowledge of how to develop and run international pro bono programs gathered through working with corporations in a range of sectors including, technology, finance, healthcare, oil & gas, consumer goods and professional services. We operate through a core team and network of trusted associates located in a wide range of international locations and through a network of over 700 partner organizations addressing a wide range of social and environmental issues worldwide. Our programs help these partners to create more positive impact by supporting them on a wide range of needs ranging from strategy development to capacity building and technical skills capability.

Three times a year we convene a group of companies that all work with Global Pro Bono and skills based volunteering to share best practice and discuss openly both challenges and solutions. Participants find the time deeply rewarding as they learn from peers in a non-competitive environment. We operate a similar network for our partner organisations.