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Centrul de Resurse în Comunicare (The Communication Resources Centre)Romania

The Centre for Communication Resources, launched in 2019, has the following mission: the increase of the communication and fundraising potential of the Romanian non-profit sector and developing communication resources and instruments for other professional categories that are involved in the development and progress of the common good (such as teachers, professional volunteers etc.).

Școala pe net (School on the Internet) is a free online community for teachers, providing IT and educational support during the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the project is to offer teachers in Romania training on how to use online resources in their teaching process, in order to develop their digital skills. It was developed by 4 Romanian NGOs (The Communication Resource Center, Asociatia Techsoup, Teach for Romania and Seeding Knowledge Foundation) with the support of the Ministry of Education and Research. The project was included by the European Commission on the list of digital skills resources and best practices for addressing the challenges of the coronavirus crisis.