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Career VolunteerLondon, United Kingdom

We see a world where skilled volunteering is seen as a normal part of everyone’s work, encouraged and supported by employers and given due recognition by society as a whole. Essentially, business as usual. We fulfill this through connecting the skills and talents of people around the world with organisations in civil society best able to utilise them, creating a lasting, sustainable impact. Career Volunteer run bespoke volunteering programmes for companies that want to build strong teams with expertise, commitment and a passion for what they do.

Our job is to ensure that companies that want to engage in skilled volunteering are doing it for a real purpose: that they have long term, achievable objectives, and our team understand CSR from a corporate and charity perspective. We work with companies to help them realise and achieve their aims whilst challenging them to always strive for more. We know that skilled volunteering is more beneficial than just ticking a CSR box – it unlocks potential in a far more diverse, inclusive and impactful way. We’re working towards a world whereby companies build businesses that live and breathe their values, helping to amalgamate CSR with company-wide objectives of talent development, employee engagement and community relation through skilled volunteering.

Formed in 2014 as sister company to the long standing, Charity People – specialists in charity sector recruitment for 25 years – Career Volunteer is a young, dynamic company which has grown organically since its inception. We started out placing senior executives from corporates into Board roles in the not for profit sector, and have since expanded our programmes into matching people with a variety of shorter term assignments where they can make use of and develop their skills. We have numerous Charity Friends which we work with on a pro bono basis to help them meet their skilled volunteering needs.