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AlayaGeneva, Switzerland

Alaya is a digital platform for corporate giving and employee volunteering. It has approximately 20,000 users across 20 countries, working with 400 NGOs active in more than 30 countries, and is based in Switzerland. Its mission is to make corporate giving and employee volunteering activities such as pro bono, easy, flexible and measurable. For example, by offering a range of user-friendly access, usage and monitoring features, all available in one platform. It also aims to innovate within the sector by increasing access for users, and engagement via social network and gamification features.

Through using the platform, employees can have social impacts that involve four types of action:

Pro bono

NGOs add skills-based volunteering missions to the platform that are linked to areas including HR, IT, marketing, communication, legal, and others as suited to the tasks. The activities are then assessed by Alaya to make sure that all of the criteria are clear enough to be posted on the platform and are shared with potential volunteers. When live, employees can apply to the mission and get in touch with the NGO. Once the mission is over, both the NGO and the volunteer can report on the mission by adding further information and comments about the experience.

Field volunteering

By a similar process, NGOs can use the platform to organise events that require volunteers in one place over different periods of time. The activities are then shown on the platform and a company can then arrange one with an available team to assist the NGO.

Goods collection

Companies can organise goods collections based on types of request posted by an NGO. For example, they could be seeking clothing to redistribute in a community during an emergency.

Financial donations

A company can also enable their employees to make donations directly, and create their own fundraising projects which can be matched with other projects that are posted by NGO partners.