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Vantone & Future GenerationsChina

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Vantone & Future Generations China


To work towards protecting the natural habitat of Taoyuan County near Yuanjiang, and to help the rural community to live in an ecological and sustainable way, while obtaining economic benefits. Also a design, business and marketing plan for Future Generations, so they can start to create their own handcrafts company and brand.


Vantone volunteers were divided into four groups for competitions, and drafted four sets of marketing plans. The leaders of volunteers then completed a new marketing proposal for Future Generations.


Future Generations promotes community-led development in partnership with government as a proven, alternative path for improving people’s lives. The core of Future Generations work is a system that communities and governments can use to shape their futures.


Vantone launched a three day internal training camp for managers of branding departments from different offices around China.


Three staff from Future Generations joined the workshop, and gained insights into marketing. Future Generations product was launched during a Christmas party at the Hangzhou Vantone center. It received positive feedback, and 60 sets of handicrafts were sold.

Public good is not the business of a few people, more and more people gather into a powerful stream, to make up the social rift. ‘Everyone works for social public welfare’ is not only our final vision, but also one of the hallmarks of the citizen society.
Wei Dan from Vantone