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Panasonic NPO Support Pro Bono ProgramJapan

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Panasonic NPO Support Pro Bono Program

One focus of Panasonic’s CSR program is capacity building for non-profit organizations. Since 2001, they have given over 200m JPY in grants to over 240 organizations. Panasonic utilizes pro bono as a tool to provide additional support to enhance their impact. Panasonic is also commited to promote the idea of pro bono by co-hosting a yearly Pro Bono Forum in Japan as a leading company in this field.


Panasonic focuses on:

  • Environment
  • Children
  • International Cooperation

They offer outreach to grant beneficiaries so they can progress further by providing pro bono support.


Employees from a diverse range of departments such as marketing, sales, public relations, product development, manufacturing and so on, join to serve the non-profit organizations needs. They also provide non-profit clients with marketing research, strategic planning and fundraising tools.

  • The non-profits showed 100% satisfaction by receiving Panasonic’s support.
  • A beneficiary of the marketing research support was able to create new program. Another organization who received strategic planning was able to visualize their future visions for strongly appealing to stakeholders.
  • Panasonic co-hosts the Pro Bono Forum with Service Grant Japan to publicize their best practices and promote the idea of pro bono in Japan.

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