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Creative Marathon in SlovakiaSlovakia

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Creative Marathon - Slovakia

Pontis Foundation has organized the first Creative Marathon in Slovakia. It was introduced at the 'Our Town' event in June 2014, which is the largest corporate volunteering event in the country. Pro bono teams from creative agencies worked together with their non-profit partners during 12 hours of creative activities. At the end of the day, each team presented the results of the pro bono work.


Pontis Foundation selected seven leading non-profits who are tackling the issues of:

  • Transparency and anti-corruption – via Iuris, Slovak Governance Institute
  • Homelessness and threatened communities – Proti prudu, Depaul, People in Need, Kaspian
  • Innovation – Connect co-working

Seven pro bono teams were composed from professionals of communication, public relations, advertising and digital agencies.

  • 2 new social campaign concepts created
  • 2 communication strategies formulated
  • 1 website structure and key messages delivered
  • 1 microsite and conference marketing plan
  • 1 new visual identity designed

Half of the non-profit creative agency partnerships evolved into a long-term cooperation.

A tradition of a pro bono marathon was established in Slovakia, and Pontis Foundation will continue this in 2015.


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