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Global Pro Bono Summit began in February 2013 in New York with some 20 participants.  As the Global Pro Bono Network grows, the number of participants have increased, and the varieties of pro bono models have widened.  Now we are a network of 60 organizations from 34 countries worldwide.
The pandemic has influenced so much on global pro bono movement in many ways.  Still, we believe pro bono movement has been making a promising and powerful advancement with smart innovation even during the hard time.  In some countries, the number of pro bono workers has jumped up to provide precious opportunities of social touch.  In some countries, new models of pro bono projects have been invented due to adjust “new normal.”  Reacting to societal changes, pro bono movement has experienced, and is still experiencing, fundamental evolutions.  What have we done in this challenging time?  Where are we standing at?  And how will we move on to the future?  Sharing and discussing these questions and topics, we will try to find out the way to realize collaborative and innovative future society and world.

Pro bono of the world, Re-unite!

For GPBN Members, registration is now open.  It’s time to meet.

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Program Outline

The programs of the Summit are open to brushed up through co-creating process.

Based on the current plan as below, GPBN Members are most welcome to make comments and proposals to make the Summit more fulfilling and fruitful.

Welcome Day – November 29th, Wednesday

A casual, intimate and welcoming ice-breaking time exclusively with GPBN members.
Participants will make introduction of each other, sharing stories and experiences in past 4-5 years time with some light touch works.

Corporate Day –  November 30th, Thursday

There are so many variations for corporations take in pro bono into their business.  Why and how corporations across the globe utilize pro bono for their strategies?  Especially in the global context, what are the challenges and opportunities?  The session will be open for corporate participants and also partly available online.

Public Day – December 1st, Friday

Each societies are facing various challenges and so do the governments.  To build equity and sustainability in society and community, pro bono can be a crucial option to bring innovation and impact.  Let’s make a world tour to see how public sectors and social sectors can collaborate through pro bono.

Future Day – December 2nd, Saturday

Final day of the Summit will be about the exploration of the possibilities of pro bono.  What if pro bono collaborate with foundations or universities?  What if young students are involved?  What if GPBN set a specific goal collaboratively?  So many ways and models untouched and worth discussing.  The session will be open for public participation.



For GPBN Member organizations who are willing to join, please fill in the registration form. (Members Only)

General attendance will be open later.
Please allow us figure out details of each sessions.

If you have any question, please send your comments to