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Global Pro Bono Summit 2020 – SAVE THE DATE!19/12/2019


Pro bono is a movement that connects communities around the world.

France will host the 8th Global Pro Bono Summit in Paris, with experts, pro bono programme managers, and intermediaries from all over the world sharing their experience and expertise in pro bono in the presence of French and European political leaders. A unique occasion with all the key players in one place to build the best pro bono development framework for the international stage!

The 2020 Global Pro Bono Summit will bring together builders and shakers of the movement, progressive voices of social change, and leaders from the corporate sector to surface bright spots and design the future of the field together.


Build the movement with us

Over the course of three dynamic days, participants will dig into how their collective contributions can build the pro bono movement.

Wednesday, May 13th | Global Pro Bono Network Internal Meeting

Network members will come together to share updates and best practices, to reinforce their collaboration, and to review the strategic positioning of the Network.

Thursday, May 14th | Pro Bono World Tour

Participants (among which : network members, companies, public authorities, political leaders, academics, non-profits and  volunteers) will gather for a world tour of pro bono. The programme will include among other things keynote speeches,
panel discussions, the release of the 1st Global Overview of Pro Bono (through an interactive online map) and a demonstration of an e-learning solution to democratise the practice of pro bono (FR/EN).

Friday, May 15th | Expedition

Network members, partners and political leaders will visit key and inspiring social economy sites in Paris as well as the financial district of Paris-La Défense.

New study: Global Overview of Pro Bono

Capitalising on the knowledge and experience of the Global Pro Bono Network members and of other organisations, Pro Bono Lab aims at drawing, for the first time, an overall picture of the various skills-based volunteering cultures, on the countries where this type of civic engagement is practiced. This study will allow the launch of an online tool mapping pro bono service providers all around the world.

Registrations of the GPBS open in early 2020


Take your corporate pro bono strategy to the next level, whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just launching your first initiative. Explore emerging trends, insights from the field, and cutting-edge innovations that are redefining what corporate pro bono can accomplish.


Come together with global and French peers for a day of field-building. 

Interested in attending the 2020 Global Pro Bono Summit?  Email us here.

About the host

The Global Pro Bono Network’s mission is to promote knowledge sharing, mutual support, and collaboration among pro bono providers around the world. The Network acts as a catalyst for social impact by building the capacity of the social sector through supporting its intermediary member organizations.

The 2020 Global Pro Bono Summit local host is Pro Bono Lab in Paris.

Pro Bono Lab is the specialist in civic engagement through the sharing of skills. All over France, as well as in 30 other countries via the Global Pro Bono Network, we spread the belief that “skills are public goods”, a belief that triggered the creation of our non-profit organisation by its co-founders back in 2011. We enable great societal causes to sustainably develop by gathering, for each of them, skills that committed women and men are able to offer pro bono.

Our ambition? Make sure that each of these causes gets access to the skills they need to achieve their potential and generate as much social impact as possible.

Through our large programmes of general interest, our research work, our prospective club, our consulting and training activities and our advocacy effort, our team puts all stakeholders in our society, little by little, in a #probono mode.