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3rd Circular of Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 202302/11/2023

Welcome to the 3rd Circular
– 1 month to the Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 2023 

Time flies so fast! The Global Pro Bono Summit Tokyo 2023 is just around the corner. It is currently Autumn in Tokyo, and if we are fortunate, the week of the summit could coincide with the perfect timing of the beautiful autumn leaves. Here are the latest updates that we would like to share with you.

1. Session Details

At this moment we would expect approximately 21 guests from 14 Member organizations plus several other organizations across the world. Presenters for each session have been selected to present their topics. Details can be found at the link below.

2. Travel Guide

Visa and Passport

Please be sure to have the passport and the visas ready. Visa application takes few weeks and we hope everyone who needs visa to enter Japan have already started the application process.

When you arrive at the Airport

  • Get a “Suica” (smart card)

During the Summit, we will need to use Tokyo’s public transportation system to get to the venue. To use the railroads and subways, you will need a “Suica” or “Pasmo,” an e-money card for transportation. Suica cards are now available exclusively for international travelers only at Narita and Haneda airports, because of the shortage of semiconductor.


JR-EAST Travel Service Center Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station
Narita Airport Terminal 2,3 Station
Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station

Vending machine

Narita Airport Terminal 1 Station, Narita Airport Terminal 2,3 Station
Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line Haneda Airport Terminal 2 Station
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station

When you arrive at Narita or Haneda Airport in Japan, it’s important to purchase a “Welcome Suica” card. With a Suica card, you can easily shop in town as well as getting on trains during your stay in Japan. You can buy a Suica card using all major credit cards. We recommend charging around US$10-20 when you purchase.

Another option of purchasing Suica is to put on your smart phone. Please refer to the following link.

How to get to the hotel from the airport

Access from Narita/Haneda Airport to the hotel

Buses, trains, and cabs are available for access from Narita and Haneda Airports to Tokyo, but we recommend that you take the Airport Limousine Bus to Shibuya.

The GPBS office will not provide transportation from Narita or Haneda airports to the hotel. Please come to the hotel on your own. 

Where to get off the Airport bus

There are several bus stops around Shibuya Station, but getting off at the Shibuya Mark City (Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu) bus stop is the closest and most convenient way to your hotel.

Bus Timetable from Haneda

Bus Timetable from Narita

Trains are also available to get to Shibuya Station, however with the luggage it might be difficult to navigate. 

Taxis are available, however they are expensive.




Tokyu Stay Shibuya

8-14 Shinsen-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0045

Please be careful there are multiple Tokyu Stay Hotels in Shibuya area.
When you search the hotel please double check the hotel name and address.

Event Venues on Google map 

When you arrive at the hotel

You can check in anytime after 3pm.

GPBS welcome booth will be set up on November 29th, 3-5pm in the hotel lobby.

Emergency Contact

Ikuma Saga: +81-090-8346-6898

Kazumi Hayano: +81-090-7819-5153


3. Site Visit for December 2nd

On the morning of December 2, we will break into several small groups and visit organizations in the Tokyo area that are working to solve local issues, guided by pro bono workers and university students. Below is a lineup of the organizations we will visit. Which organization would you like to visit? Please take a look and think about it.

NPO Name Brief description Deliverables of pro bono Max participants

Beyond Boundaries

(Sakai wo Koete)

Sakai Wo Koete (“SAKAI”), Beyond Boundaries in English, is to convey to society the idea of living and being together beyond boundaries between people with disabilities and without disabilities.  SAKAI creates organic networks among caregivers with special skills and people with needs, so  the people with disabilities are supported by professionals and are able to live in the community in their own way. (Japanese only)

Marketing Research

Video production


JUON Network

JUON (樹恩) is represented by the kanji character for the trees and gratitude.  They are engaged in connecting cities to agricultural, mountain and fishing villages, conserving forests and fields, developing volunteer personnel, and promoting domestic products for local consumption. (Japanese only)

Creating flyers

Video and website production

Improve more effective SNS posting

Buddy Team

To prevent families from becoming isolated, Buddy Team visits families and foster families who are struggling to raise children due to various family circumstances and backgrounds.  Buddy Team provides specific help such as childcare, housework, transportation, learning support, etc. In Japanese culture, there is a sense that it can be challenging to have       others into their home, but Buddy Team builds trust and is allowed to enter their home and provides necessary support to them. (Japanese only)

Fundraising support

Reorganizational support

Survey research



by Service Grant Japan

“Mamabono” is a program that moms who are raising children, on childcare leave or leaving their jobs can warm up for returning to work by engaging in pro bono activities. By forming a team of about six, the mom team provides support to NPOs by solving their social issues. The project tends to be a brief period (about two months), so that it is easy for moms to participate.  The program is designed to make it easier especially for moms of 0-year-olds who have difficulty leaving their babies and for moms who have been away from work for a long time.

In addition, “Mamabono NEXT” Project has been started by moms who have returned to work.  This is for those working mothers who have high spirit for society contribution but have limited time.  Under Mamabono Next, a team of working mothers provide support using their lunch time or late-night-free-time, or are engaged in a project such as providing mentoring support to NPO staff. (Japanese only)


4. Hotel Reservations

Thank you for confirming the number of nights you will be staying.

Please note that any cancellation requests made after November 4th will not be accepted. Please keep in mind that a cancellation fee will be incurred, so kindly ensure that you cancel in advance to avoid any inconvenience. If you need to make any changes to your reservation after this date, please make your own arrangements.


5. FAQ

About Accommodation

Q: Does the hotel reservation include breakfast?

A: Unfortunately, breakfast is not included in the hotel reservation made by the GPBS office. Please have breakfast at the hotel or at coffee shops around the hotel. There is also a 24-hour grocery store right in front of the hotel.

Q: Can I change the dates of my hotel stay?

A: No. The GPBS office will not be able to make changes after November 6, when cancellation fees will be charged. Please make your own arrangements.

About airport to hotel transfers

Q: Do you provide transportation from the airport to the hotel?

A: There is no original transportation by the GPBS host. Please come to the hotel from the airport on your own. We recommend that you use the Airport Limousine Bus to Shibuya (Mark City).

Activities outside the Summit period

Q: Are there any sightseeing or activity programs planned outside of the summit period?

A: The GPBS office does not have any specific programs planned outside of the summit period. Please feel free to enjoy your stay in Japan.

What to Bring

Q: What kind of clothing should I wear?

A: The temperature in Tokyo ranges from 9° to 17° Celsius, which means that it is not too cold yet, but it is still important to wear a coat. You will notice a significant difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures, so we suggest that you dress in layers and bring a stole to adjust to the changing weather. It is also important to keep in mind that you will be walking around Tokyo quite a bit, so make sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Submission of Presentation Materials

Q: I was not able to submit by the deadline (Oct. 31), when is the final deadline?

A: Please submit by November 10. We ask that you submit your materials as early as possible so that we can share them with our interpreters and prepare in advance. Please submit them to  or save them on the Google Drive link provided in the previous email.

Q: Is there a specific format for presentation materials?

A: There are no specific rules. Please use whatever your organization uses.


If you have any questions about Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 2023, please send your email or GPBN’s Slack.