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2nd Circular of Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 202305/10/2023

Welcome to the 2nd Circular
– 2 months to the Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 2023 

Time really flies!
It is now less than two months until the Summit in Tokyo. 
We are working hard to prepare for this important event and eagerly anticipate meeting all of you.
Here are the latest updates to share with you all that you won’t want to miss.

1. Who is Visiting?

Throughout September, we have been conducting one-on-one interviews with the international guest Members so that we can get to know the latest situation of each guest and the contents to share in the Summit. 

The interview opportunities were very helpful in organizing the Summit program.
It has become evident that all member organizations have significantly grown and evolved, allowing them to make a greater impact on societies across the globe.  We are certain that the Summit will provide ample opportunities for learning and discovery through the sharing of stories.

At this moment we would expect approximately 25 guests from 15 Member organizations plus several other organizations across the world. We apologize in advance if anyone is missing or if there are any errors. Please let us know so we can make the necessary adjustments.

Global Pro Bono Network Member Organizations

Asian Charity Services / Hong Kong
Beijing Huizeren Pro Bono Academy / China
Beijing Pro Bono Foundation / China
Conjunct Consulting / Singapore & U.S.(!)
Empact / Singapore
Fundacion Trascender / Chile
Ghadan Foundation / Saudi Arabia
iVolunteer / India
Pro Bono Lab / France

Service Grant Japan / Japan
Taproot Foundation / U.S.
The Good Lobby / Europe
Toolbox india / India
Volunteer Involving Organizations Society / Kenya
Work for Social / Spain

Sponsors and Non-Member Organizations

BMW Foundation / Germany

ITCCC – Inspiring Teenagers to Create, Cooperate and Contribute / China
Point of Lights / U.S.

* Alphabetical order of organizations

2. Program Updates

Although it is still in the process of planning, the Summit program is gradually shaping its shape more precisely and clearly.
It is the mixture of input, output, exchange, plus free time.
We would make the best effort to combine those elements and enable everyone to have a fulfilling moment.
The program is still flexible, and we are very happy to hear your feedback and proposal.

DAY1 Nov.29 Wed.

18:00-20:00  Check-in & Introduction @Turntable

  • Introduction time for all the Summit participants
  • Ice-breaking and reflection work
  • Short panels on certain topics
DAY2 Nov.30 Thu.

11:00-12:30  Peer Interviews  @Mirai Lab Palette in Sumitomo Corp. 

13:30-16:00  Open Seminar for Corporations -The latest Landscape of Corporate Pro Bono across the Globe @Mirai Lab Palette in Sumitomo Corp. /hybrid

  • A compact “all-in-one” session to overview the current situation of corporate pro bono across the globe within just 2.5 hours
  • Presenters from 7 countries make short serial presentations

16:30-18:30  Onsite Networking for Corporations & Intermediaries @Mirai Lab Palette in Sumitomo Corp.

DAY3 Dec.1 Fri.

9:00-11:00  Network meeting @Turntable

  • Discuss the future of GPBN governance and administration
  • Think about actions by each Member organization

13:00-14:45  Open Seminar for Public / Social Sectors Diversified Government Partnership, Enhanced Beneficiaries Capacity Building @ Shibuya Commerce and Industry Hall

  • Share models of how government sectors and pro bono intermediaries can collaborate
  • Share evolved methodologies for beneficiaries’ capacity building

15:15-17:30  Shibuya Scopathon @ Shibuya Commerce and Industry Hall

  • Scopathon facilitated by Keng, Empact
  • GPBN Members try to work on scoping out problems and needs of local non-profit organizations in Tokyo

 18:30-21:00  Pro Bono Place Global -a time for exchange & networking- @BPM Space in Ikejiri-Ohashi

  • Exchange opportunities with Japanese pro bono workers and beneficiaries
DAY4 Dec.2 Sat.

8:00-12:00  Site Visits @designated site visit locations

  • Visit local organizations with pro bono members

13:00-18:00  Future Sessions -Innovation for Future with Pro Bono @Meiji Gakuin University

  • Discuss and share innovative and highly potential models of pro bono
  • Topics may include youth empowerment and education, university collaboration, advocacy for issues like climate change, etc.


3. Travel Issues

Please make sure you have a valid passport which will be valid until after you leave Japan. If you need a visa to enter Japan, please inform the team at the Service Grant Japan.

When you arrive in Japan, it will be the end of autumn in Tokyo. You can enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves. The temperature ranges from 9° to 17°C, so it’s not yet winter, but you will need to bring a coat. The temperature difference between day and night is significant, so it is advisable to wear layered clothing and stoles that can accommodate the temperature change.

Omotesando, Tokyo

4. Next Circular Issue and Inquiry

The next circular will be released in the late October.

If you have any questions about Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 2023, please send your email to Service Grant Japan.