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1st Circular of Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 202310/07/2023

Welcome to the 1st Circular
– 5 months to the Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 2023 

We are so thrilled to host the Global Pro Bono Summit in Tokyo.

There have been so many changes and challenges in each of us since the last virtual one in Paris 2020 and the last in-person event in New York 2019.

We are sure the Tokyo Summit will be a busy but fulfilling moment for participants by talking, sharing, and discussing how innovative and impactful pro bono can be.

Service Grant Japan, the host of the Summit, is fully committed in making the best effort preparing to welcome guests from all over the world and to make this precious opportunity a great success.


1. Quick Preview of Venues

Base of Stay – Shibuya


The Global Pro Bono Summit will take place in Shibuya, which is known for its famous scramble crossing and is a popular destination for international tourists. The majority of the session venues are within walking distance, as are the accommodations for participants. Additionally, the event host, Service Grant, is headquartered in Shibuya. Known for its energy and constant evolution, Shibuya embodies a unique blend of tradition, diversity, and sophistication. Join us in discussing ideas for creating a collaborative and innovative future society and world that embraces diversity at its core.

Various Sessions around Tokyo

Sessions will be held at the following venues.

DAY1(November 29) Check-In & Introduction

Turn Table (Shibuya) 

DAY2(November 30) Peer interviews, Global Pro Bono OPEN Seminar for Corporations,Corporate & Intermediaries Networking


DAY3(December 1) Ensuring Equity and Solidarity

Shibuya Commerce and Industry Hall

DAY4(December 2) Future session

Meiji Gakuin University 


 2. Pro Bono Teams Launched

Preparation for the Summit is a huge work, and we have recruited 10+ pro bono taskforce members to help organize some of the sessions in the Summit. They are very interested in participating in this summit and are helping us.

▼Link with Japanese only but for your reference.


3. Time Line

■GPBN Members

Task Due 
Registration June 25
Visa July
Accommodation August-September
Flight August-September
Contribution submission for presentation, poster sessions September

■Public/general Members

· Registration for the the public:October

<Summit Schedule>

4. Who is coming?

As of July 2023, we are anticipating to welcome 27 participants from 21 organizations.


5. Travel Tips

VISA to enter Japan

[IMPORTANT] Please be sure to check if you need Visa to enter Japan with the link below at this time. (Some takes few months to process.)

Information of Japanese VISA

COVID-19 measures

The Japanese government’s waterborne quarantine measures have been revised, and as of midnight on April 29, 2023 (Japan Standard Time), it is no longer necessary to present a valid vaccination certificate or inspection certificate. Pre-registration for quarantine procedures on the Visit Japan Web is also no longer required.

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6. Next Circular issue & Inquiry

The next circular will be released in September.

If you have any questions about Global Pro Bono Summit TOKYO 2023, please send your email to Service Grant Japan, the host of the Summit.