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Australian Pro Bono Summit 201910/10/2019

In August 2019 the third edition of the Australian Pro Bono Summit took place in Sidney hosted by our members Resonate. More than 150 participants from the corporate world and with legal background convened during one day event to discuss about trends, challenges and pro bono in corporations.

Here are some key takeaways for the corporate sector from the summit : 

  • Corporate pro bono programs offer learning opportunities to employees. 
  • Pro Bono is a win win win formula. All stakeholders of the company can benefit from pro bono programs. Impactful collaboration can be created from them. 
  • Corporate pro bono can create a culture of leadership and impact within the enterprises. 
Also, some best practices around pro bono and collaboration between NGOs and corporations were showcased. More than 10 companies sponsored the Summit, which shows the commitment of the corporate sector with the pro bono movement.
To get the full Australian Pro Bono Summit Recap click here.