SEA is a non-profit organization, founded in 2007, as a multi-sectoral cooperative, whose mission is the development and implementation of social entrepreneurship projects that aims sustainability at social, economic, cultural and environmental level, fostering local integrated development.

SEA develops its intervention mainly in local territories, using integrated and innovative approaches, that seek to support individual, institutional and community empowerment, through Public (local, national and European funds) and private funds.

SEA is a 8 year old experienced organization working with people, developing projects that promote self-awareness of personal competences, in order to apply them in labor market, in companies that already exist. For this, SEA intervention is flexible and adaptable in each context, which allows to develop training, basic skills programs with use of personal branding methodology, and validate them in real labor market experiences.

SEA is also implementing entrepreneurship projects, developing tools to access and promote a set of specific skills, and testing the project, at local/regional level.

SEA has the following strategic guidelines:

  • Create Social Economy innovative solutions with high social impact;
  • Boosting Entrepreneurship as a way for the economic integration of unemployed people;
  • Promote tailored territorialized intervention strategies, boosting endogenous capital on each territory;
  • Develop interventions in inter-institutional partnerships.

The profession staff is composed by 13 people, 3 man and 10 women (economists, social economists, social psychologists, social workers, human resources manager, managers and 1 marketing professional, and 1 financial manager).

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