What can pro bono do for you?

Pro bono mobilizes professionals to donate their skills and expertise in support of social organizations with critical needs and a limited budget.

Through pro bono, local and national government can support employment and civic participation in the non-profit field, educate their population to social issues and reinforce solidarity and philanthropy.

Tackle critical and complex social issues. The right talent and skills are necessary in order for social organizations to succeed as they face a growing demand and more complex problems. Pro bono offers mission-based organizations the critical resources needed to achieve their mission and improve society.

Make a efficient use of resources. Pro bono builds the capacity of social organizations to ensure that grants and other non-financial supports are used in the most efficient means possible thereby increasing the impact of your grantees.

Support your community with a lasting impact. Pro bono is a highly effective tool to solve strategy and management challenges for a mission-based organization. Connecting social organizations to skilled volunteers will help them to develop and properly sustain their operations and infrastructure.

Higher Valuation in Pro Bono than Traditional Volunteering. In the USA, “Taproot Foundation Announces that Services Donated by Business Professionals are Valued at $150 Per Hour – A 25% Increase Over 2009 Rates”, 2015. Compared to traditional volunteering which is valued at $23.07 per hour, Independent Sector 2014 estimate March 2015.


Why collaborate with us?

Members of the Global Pro Bono Network are uniquely positioned between various stakeholders in the community acting as the bridge between nonprofit and social organizations in need of expertise and the professionals able to donate those skills. The Global Pro Bono Network goals are to strengthen those Network member organizations through knowledge sharing, mutual support, and collaboration to drive the pro bono movement locally, nationally, and internationally. By supporting this Network of pro bono leaders, network members in local communities will benefit from globally shared learnings to offer higher quality, more impactful pro bono services to social organizations working to improve society.

For governments who are interested in local or national pro bono activities in one or multiple countries where our member organizations operates, please contact a member organizations in your area. For regional, international and all other inquires, please contact us directly.