C@rma’s mission is to develop dialogue between the private sector and the civil society by inspiring and mobilising professionals to use together their expertise to support Turkish civil Organisations in a qualitative way.

Since 2014, we have supported more than 40 Turkish NGOs, large ones but also very small ones. We have developed around 60 projects with them going from strategy, to communication, legal etc. We have mobilised close to 160 professionals in this process.
Although C@rma is an incorporated Turkish company, we have no staff and are all currently volunteers.

We have a threefold approach:

  1. Diagnostic: We run a diagnostic of the NGO discussing their long term strategy, communication, marketing, IT, governance, stakeholders relations, volunteer management, etc. We identify their strengths and weaknesses and come with a list of short term and long term projects
  2. Project resolution: we solved them by three different ways
  • The short term technical ones (graphic designer, excel training, etc.) are going on our platform ( where they are automatically matched with a volunteer with the required skills
  • The “how to”- brainstormin questions are handled during 3h speed dating sessions where we gather experts on the topics
  • The longer projects (strategy, marketing) are sold to companies as a 4 month project for 10 of their staff

3. Dialogue: we are organizing different events to gather the communities together. We have events for individual professionals (Pro Bono dirnks) and events for senior representatives of firms (corporate Breakfast)

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