What can pro bono do for you?

It is a common understanding that corporations are not just for shareholders but for various stakeholders in society.

Volunteering, donating money, giving products and services … there are various ways for corporations to do good for community and society.

Pro bono provides an impactful solution for many corporations to improve strategic investments in their corporate giving, human development and innovation.

Boost your Corporate Social Responsibility impact

  • Deeper engagement in community
  • More impact on social problems
  • Friendly and high-touch connection with social sectors
  • Higher currency value of donated services
  • Better reputation and recognition by society

Expand Opportunities for Human Development

  • Provides real opportunities for action learning
  • Effective to improve leadership and collaboration

Bring Innovation to your business

  • Creates ideal opportunities to stimulate innovating thinking
  • Uniquely suited to unlock deep understanding to social issues’
  • Uncover new insights when managing with limited resources and underdeveloped markets

Through pro bono, corporations make the best use of various expertise and core competences to help solve social issues and problems. Employees spend challenging but very rewarding time tackling tough social problems.  They also receive positive and direct feedback from the beneficiaries, enhancing their own professional potential.  Corporations receive strong, positive recognition by the community and society.

Pro bono is a highly effective way to invest precious employee time and expertise to leverage maximum professional development, corporate social responsibility and positive societal impact.

>> Business Value of Pro Bono (Taproot Foundation & Pro Bono Lab)


Why collaborate with us?

Global Pro Bono Network is a network of selected intermediary organizations across the world that specialize in coordinating pro bono projects, often in close partnership with corporations.  Since 2013, our global member gather at Global Pro Bono Summit to share our passions, to learn from each other, and to look for possibility of collaboration.

For corporations who are interested in conducting pro bono projects in one or multiple countries where our member organizations operates, please contact a member organization in your area or contact us directly.