Project Description

Panasonic NPO Support Pro Bono ProgramProgram

One of the focuses of Panasonic’s CSR program is capacity building for non-profit organizations.  Since 2001, they have given over 200m JPY grants to over 240 organizations.  Panasonic utilizes pro bono as a tool to provide additional support to enhance their impact.  Panasonic also commits to promote the idea of pro bono by co-hosting yearly Pro Bono Forum in Japan as a leading company in this field.



Panasonic focuses on
3)International Cooperation
They outreach to the grants beneficiaries to step in another progress by providing pro bono support.


Pro Bono Workers

Employees from diverse departments such as marketing, sales, public relations, product development, manufacturing etc. join to serve non-profits’ needs.

They provide non-profit clients with marketing research, strategic planning, fundraising tools, etc.


Outcome & Impact

Non-profits shows 100% satisfaction by receiving Panasonic’s support.
A beneficiary of marketing research support was able to create new program, another organization who received strategic planning was able to visualize their future vision to strongly appeal to stakeholders.  Panasonic co-hosts the Pro Bono Forum with Service Grant Japan to publicize their best practices and promote the idea of pro bono in Japan.


Pro Bono Service Provider

Service Grant Japan