Project Description


Talent Achievement Consulting CHINAWebsite is a key branding tool for NPO, but 42% NPO in China don’t have a website. IT professionals are hot in China and very busy. The contest model is used to make the website development more efficient and fun. Two teams are formed to build two complete websites. The process includes several workshops and a two-days Marathon event. Each volunteer contributes 30-40 hours for the whole project and obtains satisfaction and friendship after it.



  1. Beijing Shifangyuan Elderly Hospice and Mind Care Center, a NPO to train volunteers to care the elderly.
  2. Beijing Qingyun Middle School, a NPO to educate the poor children with talent.


Pro Bono Workers

Total 10 IT professional volunteers are involved to the website development project. Each NPO website has 4 volunteers to work on and 2 volunteers support the whole project management.


Outcome & Impact

  • NPO shows 100% satisfaction by receiving the websites on schedule.
  • and
  • They have better branding through the websites. The optimized website makes Shifangyuan as the top ranking website on Baidu. Volunteers are proud of the delivery and happy to do more in the future. TAC also developed the complete process and system to give NPO a “turn-key” website.

Pro Bono Service Provider

Talent Achievement Consulting China